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The Simple Guide to Using your Kamado Grills

The Simple Guide to Using your Kamado Grills

You see, we are concerned about you, we really are. After bringing the gospel of Kamado grills to you in one of our blogs, we just cannot leave you halfway there.

I know you would have purchased your Kamado grill to partake and benefit from its good and that is why we need to clue you in on the basic and simple guide to using your Kamado for your desired results.

We discussed in our previous post on kamado grills that there are so many possibilities with Kamado, that is, it has versatile functions.

Here, we are going to take you through all you need to know before using your Kamado to enjoy the endless possibilities it has to render.

1. Lighting Your Kamado Grill

Since Kamados are charcoal-fueled cookers, the first thing to do is to fill the fire box with charcoal. Stack your coals properly and ensure to keep the embers on while you are cooking.

There are several methods to light your Kamado. They vary in their practices, efficiency, and burning speed. In most cases, the expensive options or methods work faster while the cheap or least expensive methods typically take longer time. You’re left to decide on which methods you may choose to stick with.

Different methods/approaches to lighting your Kamado:

  • Fire-starters in the coal basket:

For this method, place one or two firestarters could be wax cubes or tumbleweeds. In the coal basket/bed.

Press the wax cubes or tumbleweeds inside the coals and put a few pieces of charcoal directly above the fire starters, then you can light them.

This method allows you to regulate the amount of air that enters the fire through your
air vents.

  • BBQ Dragon and Chimney of Insanity:

The BBQ dragon is a fan that blows cool air to help ignite your coals faster. With its variable speed, this electric fire starter eliminates the need for using a lighter fluid.

Chimney of Insanity on the other hand looks like a typical charcoal chimney that allows increased airflow for lighting charcoal much faster.

How To Use:
To use these tools, fill the chimney with charcoal and a tumbleweed and turn on the BBQ dragon direct it towards the port and watch your charcoal lit and ready in 2-3 minutes. This is a faster method and can be used for indoor fireplaces.

  • Grillgun

The grill gun is a propane fire starter that can light your charcoal in under 2 minutes. It’s usually one of my favorite and impressive ways of lighting a Kamado.

  • Looft Lighter X

This tool is a solid fire starter for charcoal. It’s the best option for those who place precedence on speed, ease, and keeping their Kamado considerably clean at all times.

How To Use:

It’s very easy to use. Just place the tip of the Looft Lighter X on the charcoals in your kamado and turn on the device, wait for about 10 seconds until it sparks, when the little sparks turn to a small flame, hold back the lighter back a few inches away from the charcoals and allow the hot air to fan the flames to the fire.

  • Electric Starter

The electric starter is an in-built feature that comes with some Kamado cookers. It is the fastest inexpensive method to light a Kamado.

How To Use:

Plug in the starter, press the heating coil down into the charcoal,watch the heat coil light the coals it touches, and have your charcoal burning readily for cooking in 15-20 minutes.

2. Kamado Temperature Regulation

Every Kamado grill has an exhaust damper/air vent at the top and an intake damper at the bottom to allow airflow into the grill from the bottom and exit through the exhaust damper at the top.

These adjustable dampers are there to aid the control of the airflow through your grill and the wider you set them, the more air enters your grill and generates more heat.

The top vent can be adjusted for temperature control. You can easily adjust it once the grill has reached the desired temperature and open it slightly again when you notice a drop in the temperature.

3. Cooling Down your Kamado

This is obviously the last step in using your Kamado grill.

After you have finished cooking, grilling, smoking, baking, or searing with your grill, your next line of action is cooling down the grill as it is no longer in use.

The first step to this is closing the intake air vent/dampers at the bottom of your grill to stop the flow of any more oxygen into the compartment of your grill. It’s more like turning off the fuel tank of your generator to abrupt the flow of the fuel that powers your generator.

After you have taken the first step, the temperature on the built-in temperature gauge starts to drop. Once the temperature falls below 400°F, close the exhaust damper at the top of your grill, but leave it slightly open to prevent any accumulation of smoke which is not good for the ceramic construction of your Kamado.

Cover the lid of the grill or remove the grill grates for cleaning once the grill is completely cool to the touch. Kamado grills have high heat retention which will make it take a while for the grill to cool down.

4. Deep Clean on a Kamado Grill

Like other kitchen utensils and equipment, you’re expected to do a deep clean on your kamado grill.

Apart from the regular ash removal and mold cleaning you do, it’s still very important to do a deep clean on your kamado every few months.

A deep clean on your Kamado grill is never a boring or herculean task. The processes can be easily broken down into just a few steps.

  • Ensure all components/accessories such as cooking grates and deflector plates are in their allotted place in the grill.
  • Light up the Kamado grill for a brief heat-up with the lid closed and air vents/dampers widely open.
  • Heat up the grill to about 500-600°F, and allow it to stay at this temperature for about 30 minutes, then close the bottom and top vents/dampers and allow the grill to cool down.
  • Once the grill cools down, open the cover and remove the grill grates and deflector plates. The intense heat is meant to burn away much of the dirt and grease, so you will then have to use a grill brush to clean away the rest.
  • Empty the coals in the charcoal box inside the kamado, and take out any other components in the grill.
  • Clear all residual ash. You can use a vacuum cleaner and use a slightly damp cloth or paper towel to clean any stubborn ash.
  • Lastly, remove the ashtray and dispose of whatever remnants.
  • Return all components back to their allotted places in the grill, and place the cover back on the grill.

Do not use any detergents, water, or chemicals to wash the interior of your grill. However, for cleaning the exterior of your Kamado, cart, and side tables, you can use water and mild cleaning agents.

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