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Step Up Your Fitness Game With The Best Home Equipment

Step Up Your Fitness Game With The Best Home Equipment

If you have read my previous blog post on setting up a home gym, I would love you to consider this as a sequel to that. For those who haven’t, you can find and read it here. By now, thoughts of setting up a home gym shouldn’t be a bore to you anymore, as I have talked extensively about the possibilities, processes, and pros of having a workout space in your houses and garages. Going further, this post will focus solely on the home gym equipment that you can select in full consideration of what your training sessions or routines require and your budgetary constraints. It is a long list of recommended products/types of equipment from Cardiovascular Activities to Body Building and CrossFit

Best Home Gym Equipment For All Workout Types


As one of the most physical types of fitness activity, cardio is highly appreciated for its vital importance to our internal organs, especially as it improves the functionality and performance of the heart, lungs, and circulatory system for efficiency and a prolonged life span. So having the right types of equipment for these activities is a great start to enjoying the full benefits of cardiovascular activities.

1. Treadmills:

To carry out some cardiovascular activities, you will need a treadmill in your home gym. The treadmill is one of the best cardio types of equipment that improves your heart health, fastens your calorie burn, strengthens your muscles, enhances your brain health and memory, and regulates your blood sugar.

Running or walking on a treadmill helps you to stay fit without having to leave your house or visit any gym center. With its in-built workout program as one of its catchy features, you are sure to have an increased speed and by stretching out those muscles while standing, you’re greatly gaining a good posture.

2. Ellipticals:

Ellipticals or elliptical trainers are one of the most sought-after cardio machines for fitness. This stationed workout machine is used for climbing, running, and walking with a very decreased risk of impact injuries.

Like a treadmill, it’s also a good way to crush your calorie burn in a jiffy. However, working out on an elliptical target your upper and lower body with some specific leg muscles which include your glutes hamstrings, calves, and quad.

3. Exercise Bikes:

The invention of Exercise bikes is due to the fact that cycling is a more excellent way to get your heart pumping. As a cardiovascular activity, cycling performs the functions of giving strength to your heart, lungs, and muscles and increasing the flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body.

They are made for specific workout purposes. Unlike treadmills and elliptical trainers, exercise bikes focus more on your back muscles, abdominal muscles, thigh, and buttocks.

For people with joint injuries, a stationary bike is a good workout machine option because your bones and joints are strengthened without much pressure on them.

4. Rowers:

If you are not so contented with treadmills or elliptical trainers and want something beyond them, a rower can be a splendid choice.

It is also a cardio equipment that incorporates all known benefits of cardiovascular activities, especially heart pumping.

Rowers are known for their low-impact way of toning your whole body.


CrossFit is one fitness program that incorporates hardcore and high-intensity training for people of all shapes and sizes. CrossFit does not only dwell on your cardio but ensures that your strength is built, endurance level is stretched, balance is appropriate, your mind and body are agile and flexibility is given to all parts of your body making it fit for any kind of physical skill.

Through extremely diverse and hard-to-do workouts, your strength is built alongside perfect conditioning for your mind and body.

There are several pieces of equipment needed for a CrossFit workout program, but acquiring these few pieces is very important.

1. Weight Bench:

I’m starting with a weight bench because of its underrated essence by many. A weight bench should be your priority, one of the first types of equipment you must have before you start your CrossFit program.

Avoid the temptation of just grabbing a spare bench in your house or workshop to serve as your weight bench. Its malefic is adverse as it can result in serious injury and damage to your joints and back.

A good and complete weight bench comes with a rack for setting up your barbell, has the right paddling, and is made to be stable and easily adjusted to suit your height and comfort for convenience and support while doing your program.

2. Weight Lifting Barbell and Plates:

For bodybuilding and heavy lifting, a barbell and plates are very essential. They help to increase your capacity and strengthen your form.

They are needed for your front squats, shoulder press, and deadlift. I will often advise that you have someone nearby whenever you have to lift a loaded barbell off the ground from a stabilized bent-over position on your weight bench for needed assistance. A coach or trainer per se.

3. A Set of Dumbbells:

Dumbbells are stapled equipment for whatever CrossFit program you are committed to. Your home gym won’t be complete without them around. They are just as important as your weight bench and barbell and will work your muscles and build your strength to a very large extent. You could get a single pair of dumbbells for a start and ensure to add more as your training progresses.

4. Plyometric Box:

A ploy box may seem small in size but is usually a great way to calorie burn in a CrossFit routine.

With a plyometric box, jump or squat training becomes very much interesting and pleasurable even with the tough moves you’ll have to make.

I love plyometric boxes for their versatile functions. It’s fun to know that you can do elevated knee touches, pushups, step-ups, stepovers, elevated split squats, and elevated pushups with your plyometric box.

5. KettleBells:

One must-have CrossFit equipment for your home gym is kettlebells.

They are designed for a variety of functions either kettlebell workouts or tough strength training moves like overhead presses, lunges, and deadlifts that make you burn more body fat in a shorter space of time while targeting multiple muscle groups.

An adjustable kettlebell is a great choice for your home gym even though it can be very expensive to buy, with thorough consideration, your money is saved because you won’t have to purchase more kettlebells as you go on.

6. Power Rack:

One major reason for the continuous emphasis on having a wide space in your home gym is the installation of a power rack.

A power rack in your home gym is highly essential for heavy lifting and weighted squats. To curtail cost you are recommended to have a power rack mounted on your home gym wall for its double function as a pull-up bar for an epic workout.

7. Jump Roles:

Jump ropes are not just cardio equipment, they are very necessary for CrossFit training as well. As great warm-up tools that prepare you for the real deal, they are ideal and generally acceptable for their durability, affordability, and adjustability.

Before you overlook the essence of a jump rope for a CrossFit program, it’s great to know that you can increase the intensity of your workout with a weighted jump rope.

8. Deep Tissue Massage Gun:

This equipment is needed for your recovery intervals after an intense CrossFit routine.

It is very good and known to loosen the tightness and ease the tension in your muscles.
Remember the essence of a massage gun is to aid your recovery, so you are to consider the size and weight before purchasing one.

9. Foam Roller:

After an intense CrossFit session, you just need to catch your breath as fast as you can before you continue. And so a foam roller is an inevitable recovery equipment in your home gym.

You just need a foam roller to break up those higher-than-normal protein collagens that are formed during your workout and to soothe those worked-out muscles.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of setting up your home gym are that it’s a lifetime investment, you have more focus and less distraction and you can exercise at your own convenient time.

With all these high-tech machines, one might consider the possibility of having a completely furnished home gym as a scare. You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars for these.

The machines are very affordable. You can even opt for installment payments if you can’t afford a one-off payment.

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