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The ProudeHomes Mission Statement

ProudeHomes is the one-stop shopping marketplace for quality and premium products needed to give your home a first-class feel and restore the pride of your home. Our priority is to make your life easy by providing premium products from industry-leading brands coupled with a quintessential online shopping experience and excellent customer relations. At peak, ProudeHomes prides itself on its culture of excellent customer relationships. Your relationship with us starts the instant that we interact with each other. We exist to make you happy: We do not just simply sell high quality, best-of-its-kind products but with high customer relationship knowledge displayed excellently while ensuring that all homes have their pride and elegance reinstated. At ProudeHomes, every decision we make is influenced by our core company values:
    • A pledge to indisputable excellence in all we do: At ProudeHomes, we make sure we hold ourselves to the highest criteria in responding to our customers, Competence, and or website design.
    • Entrepreneurism: We give our employees the necessary training needed to grow and have a business mindset and also create their path.
    • Courage: ProudeHomes gives her employees access to carve out new ideas. And make them have the mindset that they can create, and formulate new things.
    • Problem-solving: We don’t allow problems to linger for a long time. They are solved swiftly and methodically.
    • Growth: we encourage our Team to constantly do new things, believe in themselves, and desire greater things in life.

Responsibility #1: Our Customers

Our first responsibility to our customers. They are the users of our product, and we have pledged to provide an outstanding customer experience from our first interaction through premium Product Fulfillment. To achieve this, all our products are of high quality, with a clear purpose of giving you the best in each of the categories.

Responsibility #2: Our employees

Our next responsibility is to our employees. We respect and appreciate your values and commitment. As an employee, you are awarded for your roles and responsibilities to the Company. We give you avenues to become a greater and more worthy version of yourself. We always look forward to receiving new ideas from our employees so we can improve our brand. We provide insurance policies and good payment that match your first-class work ethic.

Responsibility #3: Our Brand Partners.

Our next responsibility is to our brand partners. We pledge to always promote your products and services in accordance with your brand values and identity. We are always swift, organized, and efficient with our order submission and delivery processes. We are kind and act professionally in any supplier-related issues with our partners.

Responsibility #4: The Global Community.

Our last responsibility is to the global community. We spread a positive impact on everyone who comes in contact with us. Everyone who works at ProudeHomes strives daily to reach their utmost potential, and we provide a suitable working environment to make their dreams and goals get fulfilled. ProudeHomes members are skillful, efficient, professional, respectful, hard-working, and excellent at what they do. The goal is that every person who comes in contact with ProudeHomes feels that their day is better from the interaction. We simply make those who come in contact with us better! We look forward to serving you.

ProudeHomes Core Values

    • Meritocracy: We give everyone the opportunity of airing their new ideas, and also tell us how to do things better. We give promotions, raises, bonuses, and all other entitlements based on merit and ability.
    • Relentless pledge to indisputable excellence: We operate at the highest level and provide our customers with top-level experience. We make sure that our customer’s needs are put at the forefront and we provide swift, efficient, and methodical solutions to their problems.
    • Entrepreneurism: We have the best employees, who have great ideas and talent to create their path. We helped them to make decisions that will help them be a greater and better person.
    • Boldness and commitment to being the best: We encourage courageous decision-making and striving to attain a higher stage. We encourage our team members to know themselves and the potentials they possess and work to make themselves better.
    • Constant Improvement: We aim to discover new things and improve every day.
At its core, ProudeHomes is a customer service company. We promise a swift response time and support than anyone on the internet, we also promise an exceptional online shopping experience always. Don’t believe us? Click on the Live Chat feature in the bottom right corner or call us to connect with our super-friendly experts now.

What We Offer

ProudeHomes focuses on home fitness and lifestyle products – whether that be home gym systems, saunas, massage chairs, or outdoor products. Our founders are passionate about health and fitness and aim to give you the best products from top brands that suit your unique lifestyle. Our products will help you build a healthy lifestyle from the comfort of your home. Our team of knowledgeable experts will ensure you have stress-free online shopping with us. They are just a phone call away! We also offer the best price guarantee you could ever get. Check our Lowest Price Guarantee policy for more information. No hidden charges. Tax exclusion. Fast shipping. Extensive returns and refund policies, amongst other things.

Brands and Partners

We are an American online distributor of all the best brands in luxury home fitness and lifestyle products. We are not another retailer around the corner, but an authorized dealer and partner of all the products that we list and sell. This means any product you buy on ProudeHomes is backed up by an excellent manufacturer warranty. Top brands choose to work with us because of our exceptional customer support, instant response time, smooth online shopping experience, and a lot more. As the world becomes more digital, purchases that were traditionally done in showrooms and warehouses are increasingly getting completed online – and we are well equipped to play a huge part in this transition.

Who We Serve

Any individual who is passionate about staying fit and healthy, and sharing lovely moments with those they truly care about, all from the comfort of their homes. If you fit into these criteria, we believe we have many products to aid you on this journey. Our goal at ProudeHomes is to be your go-to online store for building your health and relaxation haven from your own home.

Business Information

  • Phone: 1-252-376-2717
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Location: Our products ship from various warehouses around the USA. Our head office address is in California.